Art Gallery - January - March, 2013

Intro Class, January 2013

Our January Intro Class was all about Picasso and Dali's portraits. Kids learn new technique called PRINTING and received nice canvas bags with their very own self-portraits. This simple and playful method is easy to make at home so go ahead! Explore, learn and have fun with us!

Abstract, acrylic on paper & canvas, January 2013 &

"Think, Feel and Express" - Color in art. Feelings, emotions and expression.

Technique: Acrylics.  Sketches: acrylic on paper. Final: acrylic on canvas. Duration: 2 classes.

Sketches. Acrylic on paper. 4-5 years old kids - Group 1 and 3

Sketches. Acrylic on paper. 6-10 years old kids - Group 2 and 4

How your 4-6 years old can a paint beautiful landscape in 10 minutes..

This simple abstract is made with the acrylic paint, brayer and kitchen rolling pin. Using their imagination, paper and simple instruction from the teachers, our students can paint any landscape in 10 minutes.

Beach by Alice, 10

Lake by Marysia, 6

You need: acrylic paint, brayer, kitchen rolling pin, string (for texture), paper or canvas.

Air Space by Noah, 5

Heath by Amelia, 7

Landscape by Peter, 7

Architectural Project, February 2013

Le Corbusier and his vision of a "vertical" city.

Project: Bristol and .......performance with light. Duration: 2 classes.

Class I - Designing interiors for housing.

Simple pastry box was perfect as a shell for each unit. Unfolded, showed the children the concept of building geometry: walls, floor and ceiling.

Class II - Exterior Design and roof top solar panel installation.


Video: WOW factor for "Le Corbusier and his vision of a "vertical" city" Project.

Even for 7 to 10 years old kids it was like a whole world eyes opening experience. We turned off the lights and let The Future makes its magic.​​​

"Think out of the box", February 2013",

From simple objects on the street, signs or meaningless details, kids can make a whole, very interesting story.​ First reaction? Wonder.... Second reaction? Amaze!!!!! Now, they can draw hours with pencil and piece of paper. Presentation of Banksy's work has triggered our students imagination and reaction to detail.

How The Story works........

And the projects.....

Think out of the box - Banksy's "Haring Dog" was a base for our student own "mural-on-the-paper" project. Simple task and a lot of fun.

Pitcher, apples and wood bowl..... Still-Life for your 4 years old, February 2013. for

If you think that a pitcher, apples and wooden bowl will be too hard or too advanced for your 4-5 years old child to sketch a Still Life.......

please look at the drawings below.


Yes, they can do it and it was their first exposure to a Real Art with a composition, proportions and perspective. The more we expose our children to a variety of forms and techniques, the more they absorb and learn.