ArtBox Summer Mini-Camp 2014

Time for adventure. Time for photo hunt. Time for space exploration!!!!

Session I - July 07 - 11, 2014

"5 Days Around the World"


It was inspiring and absolutely amazing time for kids and us. With so much to cover we went WILD with art , biology and geography.


Day 1 - Exploring Earth and its continents, learning about different cultures and animals. A lot art and A LOT of geography.

Day 2 - Exploring African animals: giraffes, elephants and zebras, of your choice.

Day 3 - Journey to EUROPE brought us Spanish dancing bulls or/and horses.

Day 4 - Traveling further EAST - admiring Russian "Onion Domes" and colorful Matryoshkas.

Day 5 - The last day of our trip brought us to the deep, blue waters of the "biggest island of them all" , the country and continent in ONE - AUSTRALIA

Session II - July 14 - 18, 2014

"Earth - Planet I care for"



Day 1 - These kids are no joke :))))) Seriously engaged, focused and creative. Today's theme is "How the Universe works".

Day 2 - Galaxy. Super Nova. Star Nursery. Which team you are in? Our Universe t-shirt project revealed and were discovering how big enviromental impact humans have on Earth. Serious conversions and concerns.

Day 3 - Ranny day did not stoped us from exploring inside of the Earth with the volcano's project. Endless hours of fun!!!

Day 4 - As we go more into the details, we explore photosynthesis and solar energy..... and our little solar puppy helped us to understand how the solar works in very very cute way.

Day 5 - Animal and Plant Kingdom was a subject of today's art and biology exercises. We read tons of books and National Geographic magazines for kids. FUN, FUN.


See you next year Little Artists.

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