We explored, we created, we exercised and we had Deep Blue Sea Fun.

Summer mini-Camp with Art 2013

Starfish by Ruby, 4 years old.

Day 1
All about me and my starfish.

How many arms the starfish have? How big is the biggest sea star? Are starfish and seastars the same creatures?


Oh well.... that's depends WHO creates it.


Let's see what our little artists came up with during first day of camp. Click on the photo folder to experiance the best sea stories EVER.

Jelly Fish by Aleksandra, 5 years old.

Yoga, yoga, yoga..
Yoga, yoga, yoga..

Jelly Fish by Aleksandra, 5 years old.

Day 2



Did you know that:

1. Some jellyfish are bigger than a human and others are as small as a pinhead?

2. People in some countries eat jellyfish?

3. Jellyfish have been on Earth for millions of years, even before dinosaurs?

4. Jellyfish have no brain but some kinds have eyes?

5. Jellyfish are mainly made up of water and protein?

6. Group of jellyfish is called a smack?


Now you know. Our campers read few articles from National Geographic, exploring beauty and nature of this very unique creatures.

Belly Jelly Master Jellyfish

Sea creature by Ola.

Day 3
All Sea Creatures in the World


After all these breath taking sea stories we read our imagination start kicking. We create jelly fish bigger than human body, sea stars with more than 5 arms, whales, daulphins and daddy sea horse who take care for his kids..... Underwater world is just AMAZING.








We create. We create. We create. For hours.....

Happy Blue Fish by Brooke.

Happy Blue Fish by Alex.

Happy Blue Fish by Brooke.

Day 4
Story about one Happy Blue Fish.


During one rainy day we read the books about underwater world and had fun with face painting. Our campers got use to the rutine of the creative work, even during summer time when their brains are on "the lower gears" ;)

Deep blue sea with fluorescent paint.

Deep blue sea with fluorescent paint.

Deep blue sea with fluorescent paint.

Day 5
Discover deep blue sea with fluorescent paint.


The deep sea is the lowest layer of the ocean, at a depth of 1800m or more. Little or no light penetrates so deep; it was therefore thought historically that no life would be found there. But on the contrary, sea life thrives in the deep sea. Almost miraculously, we are finding interesting, bizarre, never-before-seen life on every dive – so here are ten recently discovered deep sea creatures.

Are you scared?


Our students got together and made our own scarry deep sea creature using their imagination and few drops of fluorescent paint. We had fun.