ArtBox Atelier Summer Mini-Camp 2015

Where there was a plenty of time for imagination, creativity and Mega-Fun!!!!

Session I - July 06 - 10, 2015

"European Art"


It was inspiring and absolutely amazing time for kids and us. With so much to cover we went on a virtual journey with an european art and great people behind it.


Day 1 - Our creative journey to the Old Continent began and Great Britain was the first stop. Little "dot" guide us through the fun art of Damien Hirst and Bridget Riley. 


Day 2 - Second day took us to Spain and famous Cave of Altamira - an epitome of humankind creative spirit. Following the steps of prehistoric people we created our own animal drawings and we got ... a little bit messy. By the end we all drifted away with Salvador Dali on “Ship with butterfly sails”. What a dream day...


Day 3 - From DaVinci's famous flying machine to great planes of XXI century. From simple designs and drawing to the next generation of "little inventors". Some great ideas for today:  "diamond machine", "machine that puts animals back to life", "candy and ice-cream on demand machine"..Sure, kids are creative.


Day 4 - The World of Mystery and Imagination, the World of half man half horse, one-eyed creatures and serpent like monsters - fascinating Greek Mythology and a lot of ghost stories in the atmosphere of a beautiful old church ... does it sound spooky enough?


Day 5 - The last day of our trip brought us to France where a lot of GREAT artists were touched by beauty and creative ambiance of Paris. Virtually, we went there too.

Session II - July 13 - 17, 2015

"Amazing Kingdom of Plants"


Day 1 - Mom, did you know that a single portabello mushroom can contain more potassium than a banana? Today's project was about mushrooms and "hands on science" - we touched it, we smelled it and even more, we can grow our own mushrooms now. Oh, how amazing it sounds!


Day 2 - Today's journey starts in Africa where the baobab trees cover the sky with their enormity. Would you like to have a tree house in it? Sure you do! We have learn how big or old the tree can be and how to distinguish it. Mega fun, extreme knowledge.


Day 3 - It was way far the most tastiest art class we did for our little artists. Smell of mint, basil and curry mixed in the air with strawberries and limes were unbelievable. Plus our top secret ingredient - FUN.... Yes, a lot of it.


Day 4 - Amazing coral reefs and well known american rivers where underwater plants are like unchanted world of mistery, full of colors. We swim with the coral fish and play with mermaids in our own "make it believe" world.


Day 5 - Flowers, flowers and more flowers. Our last day of summer camp was as colorful and fresh as park where we created our pieces of art. We said goodbye to our artist....see you next year :(((( Have a great vacation!



Session III - July 20 - 24

"From 3D Play to Le Corbusier"


Day 1 - Geo - "earth" and metron - "measurement". Fun and enjoyable way to discover 2D and 3D world of shapes all around us.... Plus, how to make sure our kids's school science project stands out by creating 3d awesomeness.


Day 2 - How many marshmallows your little artist needs to understand geometry of cube: sides, corners and edges? Way too many :)

We built the towers, pyramids and futuristic, organic structures (which we ate after). Yes, our project was very yummy today.


Day 3 - Yes, we admit, we shrunk the kids. Not an easy task (especially for 4 year old who wants to be a "big kid") but with the pinch of the imagination we did it. Using wizard's magic formula of disappearing in the park trees, we have explained to our students all about PERSPECTIVE. Plus we have designed our own play ground for McGorlick Park. How cool it was!!!!!!


Day 4 - Wildlife - all in mini version as we create natural environment for our favorite animals. Have you ever seen a swinging moose? Yeah....Kids imagination is just endless... from growing trees to building playgrounds for mini creatures - all in small box.


Day 5 - Our last day took us above Manhattan - all way up in the sky, where buildings look like the match boxes and people like ants. As our project, we did city made of "after construction" nuts, nail and screws. Is it original or what?



Oh, we are going to miss you all, Little Artists.

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